Thursday, October 18

NEW Zaycon events: Hickory Smoked Bacon and Applewood Smoked Ham!

Zaycon Foods has two new events that just opened up for ordering! If you aren't familiar with Zaycon, they are a company dedicated to bringing us high quality foods at amazing prices. Since discovering them I won't buy my meat anywhere else unless I absolutely have to. They have grown and become so popular among families that they now have delivery locations in 48 states! Check them out. The orders that you place only come in certain sizes so if you don't think you can use it in a reasonable amount of time, go in on it with a friend or a family member!

The events that just opened up are:

Hickory Smoked Bacon $3.29/lb


Carve Master Boneless Applewood Smoked Ham $3.29/lb

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