Building Your Coupon Stash

Here are some additional ways to get coupons. You probably saw a couple of these on the Getting Started page!

  • Buy multiple copies of your Sunday paper(or have family and friends save theirs for you)
  • Print them off of the internet-there is a treasure trove of lovely coupons just waiting for you!! Use Loyal Couponer to search for coupons, print coupons, and check back often because I'm always putting printable coupon links up manually also!
  • Search for your favorite products on Facebook. When you find them, "Like" them. By "liking" them you'll have access to any coupon promotions they run.
  • Create an e-mail account specifically for couponing. Signing up for your favorite products' e-mail newsletters is a great way to get a hold of some great coupons and free samples!
  • Keep your eyes open when shopping because coupons are everywhere! You can find Peelies (coupons you peel right off of the product), Tear Pads (coupons next to the product that you tear off of the pad) and Blinkies (those spiffy little machines that have a blinking light and spit coupons out at you). 

Now that you have em', get organizing!