Getting Started

Are you a Coupon Newbie? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Confused? Frustrated? Take a deep breath and let's get started clearing some things up.

Saving money and using coupons doesn't happen over night. It takes time to collect, organize, and most importantly, learn how to use them.

Where do you get coupons? The most popular way to get coupons is in your Sunday newspaper. Every Sunday you'll find coupon inserts such as Smartsource, Redplum and Proctor & Gamble.

You can also find printable coupons online. These are the most popular printing sites:
Coupon Network

How do you organize them all? There are lots of different ways to organize your coupons. You will probably try 2 or 3 ways before you settle on one that fits you. The #1 method is to use a binder. With the binder method, you clip your coupons and file them by category, date, or both. Another method is to organize whole coupon inserts by date and clip them as you need them. You Tube is a good place to start researching ways to organize your coupons. Or you can view my personal organizing method, here (with pictures!).

How do you know what a good deal is? Each week stores come out with their new circulars, or weekly ads. Here at Loyal Couponer we cover many different stores' sales. Only the stock up prices are listed unless it's otherwise noted. Take a look at our Stock Up Price List and print it out! It's nice to have on hand for quick reference. 

What are stores' coupon policies? Coupon Policies are guidelines that stores use when they accept coupons. Each store is different so you'll want to print out the policies of the stores you frequent and become familiar with them. Go here to find multiple coupon policies.

Start Slow. Pick 1-2 stores to start off with. I suggest a grocery store and a drug store. Learn their coupon policies and get to know the employees. They will be your biggest help and having a good relationship with your cashier is very important. When you feel like you've mastered your 2 stores you can branch out. (Or stick with the 2 you chose in the beginning!)

How do you stay current on all of the great deals? There are so many blogs out there that cover different regions and stores. Pick a few of your favorites to follow. Sign up for their daily e-mails, that way you don't miss a beat. (I have an e-mail account specifically for couponing-it's a great way to keep things separate from your personal e-mail.)

Still have questions? No problem. E-mail me at or find me on facebook!