Types of Coupons

The Coupon Dictionary: 

Manufacturer Coupons: Coupons put out by the product manufacturer. Can be used in any store that accepts coupons.

Store Coupons: Coupons put out by specific stores that can only be used in that store. These can usually be used along with a manufacturer coupon on one item unless the store doesn't allow it.

Catalinas: These coupons are the ones that print out at the store at the end of your purchase. The cashier will hand them to you along with your receipt. There are different kinds of Catalinas so be on the look out. Some will print out for the products you just bought, others are "cash" towards your next purchase, some are just advertisements, they can be recipes, or coupons for a completely different store. You may have even thrown these away in the past...(not anymore, right?!).

Peelies: Coupons stuck right on the product that you can peel off.

Tear Pads: Little pads of coupons next to the product you're buying. Tear em' right off!

Blinkies: These are the coupons that print out of the machine right in the aisle. Kids are usually really good at finding these ones because they find the machine quite fascinating.

eCoupons: Coupons that are loaded right onto your store savings card (example: Safeway preferred card). You just add it onto your card and when you buy the product and swipe your card in the store, the coupon is automatically deducted.

Coupon Lingo

B1G1 or BOGO: Buy one get one. (Can also be B2G1 and so on...)

RR: Register Reward, from Walgreens. Prints at the end of your purchase for buying a specific product. Can be used OYNP.

+UP Reward: From Rite Aid. Prints at the end of your purchase for buying a specific product. Can be used OYNP.

WYB: When you buy

OYNP/OYNO: On your next purchase/On your next order

OOP: Out of pocket

MIR: Mail in rebate

RP: RedPlum(Newspaper insert)They also have printable coupons HERE.

SS: SmartSource(newspaper insert)They also have printable coupons HERE.

PG: Proctor and Gamble(newspaper insert)Go HERE to sign up to receive coupons and samples.

EXP: Expires/expiration date

$/$: This is how you say how much money the coupon takes off of a total. For instance, the coupon is $2 off when you buy 2 items. So you'd see $2/2. Other variations: $.50/1, $1/1 etc.

IP: Internet Printable coupon

MFR: Manufacturer coupon

Stacking: This is when you combine a store coupon with another offer. This could be another coupon or a sale.

Raincheck: What you ask for when you go to buy something on sale and they're out of the item! We've all been there and it's frustrating. The raincheck lets you buy the item when they get it back in stock for the sale price even when it's not on sale anymore. Some stores don't offer these but always ask. Be aware that some have an EXP.